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Pentecost Sunday

Rev. Ben Robinson Acts 2:1-21 http://podcast.urbangracetacoma.org/UGS_2018_05_20.mp3

Seventh Sunday of Easter

Rev. Christy Fisher Acts 1:15-17, 21-26 http://podcast.urbangracetacoma.org/UGS_2018_05_13.mp3

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Rev. Abigail Vizcarra Perez Matthew 6:25-34 http://podcast.urbangracetacoma.org/UGS_2018_05_06.mp3

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Rev. Ben Robinson Acts 10:34-38 http://podcast.urbangracetacoma.org/UGS_2018_04_29.mp3

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Rev. Ben Robinson Acts 8:26-40 http://podcast.urbangracetacoma.org/UGS_2018_04_22.mp3

Third Sunday of Easter

Rev. Ben Robinson Acts 8:9-24 http://podcast.urbangracetacoma.org/UGS_2018_04_15.mp3

Second Sunday of Easter

Rev. Ben Robinson Acts 2:37-47 http://podcast.urbangracetacoma.org/UGS_2018_04_08.mp3

Resurrection Sunday

Rev. Ben Robinson Mark 16:1-8 http://podcast.urbangracetacoma.org/UGS_2018_04_01.mp3

Sixth Sunday of Lent (Palm Sunday)

Rev. Ben Robinson Mark 11:1-11 http://podcast.urbangracetacoma.org/UGS_2018_03_25.mp3

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Rev. J. Manny Santiago Ephesians 2:1-10 http://podcast.urbangracetacoma.org/UGS_2018_03_18.mp3